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Portrait - Photoshoot in Valle de Guadalupe Mexico


Capture your visit to Valle de Guadalupe Baja California in Mexico with backdrops such as vineyards, cellars, landscapes for your personal photoshoot portrait, driving through the vinyards if is more your style, taking the time to enjoy a glass of wine on the way. Come and enjoy my favorite spots I know you will like! We going to spend the day enjoying Valle and taking pictures of you.

Contemporary and casual style....
It is your smile and emotions that make your time in Valle so unforgettable. Dress up for the occasion or come as you are. You may receive some direction, but mostly you can expect just to hear 'Have fun, you are in Valle!'

A package for every occasion....
If you need more time for your self or you have an special occasion please allow me to customize the package before to buy this package.

When and time

We will have time for several stops around Valle for your photoshoot. We will visit three vineyards and one restaurant. This will be your unforgerable personalized photoshoot experience.

Perfect for a weeding, university gift, a birthday party, or just for your own personal occasion.

- Round trip to Valle de Guadalupe from Tijuana or San Diego
- A glass of wine in any of the locations.
- 20 edited photos
- The photoshoot is per person.

Makeup and hair styling availabe at extra cost.

Wine Tastings

Available dates during the week please just contact me.